Selfless Love

LANZA ladyinredside

Priscilla has left me for another woman. ¬†The first woman she left me for was so mean and jealous that after a month she was back, promising she would never leave me again. For a while it was like the early days when we couldn’t do enough for each other, couldn’t get enough of each other. But last week I came into the house to find her with a woman I had never seen before, Rosalia, a Spanish flamenco dancer over here for the Festival, dark ¬†flashing eyes, liquid voice, great cheek bones, skin like ivory. And those hands!
I went to see her dance. She was magic.
My friends are generally full of sympathy and at work my boss put an arm round my shoulder and said, ” Don’t feel bitter. And if you want some time off, just say the word. “
But what is there to feel bitter about? If I were her, I would have left me too for a woman like that.

The Woman In Red

In the Castillo de San Jose
I saw this woman with such black hair
and the red red dress.
I left my brother in mid-sentence,
walked over to her table,
clicked my heels,
bowed a little,
and said slowly and clearly
” Your beauty lights up the room.”
She turned to her friend and asked
“Qu’est-ce qu’il dit?”
“Il dit qu’il t’a vu danser, ” she said.
“Il est anglais.”
The woman in red smiled
and inclined her head.
When I returned to my table
“What did she say? ” my brother asked.
“And is she Spanish?”
” She said ‘ That is my husband’s boat’ ” I told him.
“Yes, both of them.”