Lines written in dejection near Largs

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and then I wrote you a Christmas poem

a whole page of it

14 lines of iambic pentameters

if you really want to know


a sonnet

I spent a whole night on it

it rhymed

abab cdcd efef


I still remember

that final couplet:

hands that link but do not mean to hold
may grasp forever but their touch is cold

The next morning

I made my sonnet into a paper aeroplane

                                                the             air          
                         it into                                     






This is here now but was there then. A b & w photograph taken some time ago which surfaced to day

I may be the backpacker in the photograph although I have vague memories of seeing the grafitti and asking someone to pose for the photograph but then that may have been another time, anotherplace….

and this is here and there – the Shetland island of Hoy taken last summer from the boat as we drifted past,  with  the bright curtain (bought last November in Perth) balancing the photograph (30cmx40cm) on the wall ( painted white ten years ago)  and the yellow roses (plucked this morning from the garden) in the blue vase (a last year’s Christmas present from the alas deceased Mary Jess) on the brown table that I got at an auction in 1999….