Naebdy bides der noo


haunted house Shetland crop


Na, nae noo

nae fiddly Aladdin lamps
tae magic awa da darkness;

Nae driftwiddy fire 
tae shoot oot o ilka lum
up intae da velvet-black, spairk-spangled sky
inna flickery, aurora shoor
da cauld
an da damp

an nae bible-black, knapdarlicht kye
tae wrap lang pink tongues
roon skooshy clumps
o sappy green gerss
tae pu an munch an pu an munch
an munch
an pu.

Nae bonny, bouncey bairns noo
tae skip barefitted,
slaphappy as der day wis lang

ower endless barricap-dotted fields
doon tae and intae
da fish-flashin, selkie-skulkin, boat-bobbin sea.

Na, nae noo,
nae noo.

Life is……

Like an unassembled pack
of Ikea furniture
(but lacking the instruction manual)
life lies ahead of them

Ultava 001

Will he….?
 Will she….?
 Will they…?

Copy of supercouple

So many questions
so many unanswered questions

* * * * * * * * * *

(Yes, he did, establishing his  own chartered accountancy business in Richmond.
No, she didn’t, worked for Bottega Veneta in Milan  instead
Yes, they got married,  but not to each other.)

Self Love

  • Munch 2

With some people it’s dentists but with me it was hairdressers so for a long time in my teens I had been cutting my own hair.

The top and the sides weren’t too difficult but I had to cut it blind at the back, trying to taper it but taking out big triangular chunks in the process. My mother kept going on about it and eventually sent me to get a repair job done at Delila’s, the cheapo hairdresser  that used to be The Singing Kettle before it got burned down. “Your dad used to get his hair cut there, ” she said, as if that made everything  all right.

It was a woman hairdresser. She tugged at some of the tufts sticking out at the back of my head. ” Someone’s been at this already, ” she said.

I mumbled that I’d done it myself.

” Ah, you’re one of those, ” she said. ” So. How do  you want it? ”

Ashamed, I told her just to tidy it up a bit.

” I’ll tidy it up for you, ” she said. ” No problem. I’ll tidy it up for you all right.”

I couldn’t bear to watch her progress in the mirror. Hair was cascading down the white cape thing I was wearing,  floating softly to the floor around my feet,  and there was no pause in the frantic snick-snick of her crazy scissors. I folded my arms and stared at the pink and blue bottles at the back of the circular basin, not letting a single thought squirm into my head until she had  finished.

“Well?” she said, holding a mirror up behind my head so that I could see in the mirror in front of me the full extent of her artistry. “What do you think?”

Munch 2

I managed not to cry till I got home.