I’m about six feet tall.
About is where I’m usually at.
I’m always about to write the best story/poem you’ve ever read.
I’ve been married about 3 times.
I’m about your age give or take a decade or two.
I have a son in Kazakhstan and a daughter in  Glasgow.
I’m about to close down …nice talking to you….kwa heri


15 responses to “About

    • Why thank you! I think to some extent mystery is an attractive feature to all creatures. We are all interested in the “more” of everything. You pretty much nailed it here. info without too much info. Wish I had thought of it.

  1. A son in Kazakhstan? That’s awesome! I’m thinking of applying for an internship there this summer with an NGO. Love your ‘About’ page, very original! 🙂

  2. thanks for the comment on mine. good ‘about’ too, concise and clever. i have to do one of those every time i teach or take a class (1-2 times per 7 week block) i’ll follow your lede next time. Kawia ufike back acha, again.

  3. Hi, mentioned you in my latest post as a Beautiful Blogger. Am passing on an award given to me. Hope you don’t mind. It might expose more people to your writing and you might discover some blogs you didn’t know about.

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