Ward  Hill – the highest point in the OrkneysHoy m 24-11-2014 21-58-10

                                                      Rackwick Valley – here comes the rain
                                             The famous sea stack – the Old Man Of Hoy

                                    The Hill Of The White Hamars with yellow flowers

SWT Hill of White Hamars

                                        The glen route to Rackwick


                                         A lazy sunny day in beautiful Rackwick BayRackwick recrop pica The Cras Nest Museum is a traditional Croft house and Steading dating from the early 18th century. The house has two box beds and a dresser; the steading includes a byre and a barn with a kiln used for drying oats
                   The Rackwick Bay bothy – a free if basic shelter just below the attractive hostel.
Bothy Hoy

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