A Handful of Similes

dun t

Lonely as a truck on a siding in the Czech Republic

twa dugs Embra

Dispirited as 2 patiently waiting dogs outside the Weston Link in Edinburgh

BeggarMiserable as a  Glasgow beggar in the rain

behind bars

 Friendly as a tail-wagging terrier behind bars in Blairgowrie


Lithe as an early-riser in Iona

Jasc Ponte 4pic CanvasPreoccupied as a boy with his finger in his ear in France

Main Street, Stromness, May2011Empty as the main Street in Stromness

em 6k

 Happy as a Festival crowd in Edinburgh

Constant Companionship

z-lunan-07-10-2011-01-09-00          After twenty years or so
         of constant companionship
         he had said
         all he had to say to her
         but he still went on talking
         although years and years ago
         she had stopped listening.

Scottish Independence Day 18 September 2014

                         “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

du 7

YES yes


                      “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

du 8a

 NO no


Today Scotland has to make a choice  between becoming a responsible, grown-up nation,
with all that that entails
or staying put, safe, dependent,
with all that that entails….

(Result: Yes …….45%                                                No………55%)