Flower Power

There is a Flower, the Lesser Celandine,
That shrinks, like many more, from cold and rain;
And, the first moment that the sun may shine,
Bright as the sun himself, ’tis out again!     (Wordsworth)

hossoil 8

This is a stream
a rivulet
a brook
a burn
on whose banks you’ll  find

the lesser celandine
ficaria ranunculus
a favourite
of  both William Wordsworth
and David Herbert Lawrence

and ferns
which purify the soil
cure centipede bites
soothe coughs and wheezes

and foxgloves
dead men’s bells
digitalis purpuria
floppy dock
fairy fingers
which are  diuretics
appetite depressants
cures for dropsy
and can
s l o w i n g
t h e
heart   r a t e
c  u  r   e      o  r
k   i   l   l  .

*    *    *    *

She found the celandines of February
Always before us all. Her nature and name
Were like those flowers, and now immediately
For a short swift eternity back she came.

(‘Celandine’ by Edward Thomas)


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