Married Love



I had just stepped into the shower, just got the temperature right, when the doorbell rang –  da da dum daaa…..da da dum daaa……………..da da dum daaa…..da da dum daaa…..

Janet was always forgetting her key so, just to tease her a bit I let her ring twice  more then just to shock her a bit, to make her laugh, ( this was in the early days of our marriage when wfooled around a lot) I pulled open the door,  stark-naked except for the towel which I had draped over my head ( at the back of my mind was the thought What if it isn’t Janet?) and said Whoever you are get these clothes off ,  I’m in the mood for love and whipped the towel off my head.

You forgot  to put petrol in the car ” Janet snarled, pushing past. ” I had to get a taxi back.”


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