Me Tarzan, You Jane

We but teach bloody instructions/ which, being taught,  return to plague the inventor

Anwar Congo, a hero in Indonesia, personally responsible for the deaths of 1000 ‘communists’  cheerily tells on TV chat shows how he learned his morality and his ‘trade’   from watching  Hollywood Mafia films where the most efficient method of killing  an ‘enemy’ was to use a garotte.


Before my time, I said, counting the waves, a bit bored by the drift the conversation was taking.
You’ve never seen King Kong? Bob asked, sounding  as if such a thing was inconceivable.  You must have seen it. As a kid. On the box. The black and white version. The film that changed the world.
Who was in it? I asked.
Bob shrugged.  Spencer Tracy, he said.  Clark Gable. James Cagney. Someone like that. But that’s not the point. Can you imagine the impact it must have had on  bin  Laden? Think of it. Eleven years old. Eyes mind mouth wide open. Living every minute of it. That’s when the image must have lodged in his head, the planes and the skyscraper.  Of course  he identified with the gorilla. The great, big-hearted gorilla clinging with one giant hand to the top of the Empire State Building, gently holding Fay Whatshername in the other,  at the same time being attacked by those 4 Curtis biplanes.  That’s where 9/11 came from.  King Kong’s revenge.  King Kong Strikes Back.  That’s when it all started.
He picked up a chunk of rock and tossed it 50 metres or so into the sea.
You know what they say about every seventh wave being the big oneI asked but he wasn’t listening, too busy pumelling his chest with his fists and emitting a strange sort of yodelling yell which he later told me was the call Johnny Weismuller made  to summon elephants to do his bidding.



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