there is no art
to find the mind’s construction in the face


She didn’t even say good-bye nor aurevoir nor hasta la vista nor kwa heri nor totsiens nor abar dekha hobe  nor zai geen nor auf wiedersehen nor adeus nor sayonara nor slan leat……none of these ………just  half  turned,  one hand half raised (only four fingers showing),  gave me a look that said nothing,  head slightly tilted back, no smile, no expression…………………then I was gone….I did look back, over my shoulder, once  (remembering  Lot’s wife)………….

but so was she.


2 responses to “Aavjo

    • thanks RAB – Interesting that the Irish Gaelic good-bye is ‘Slan agat’ for the person departing and ‘Slan leat’ for the person staying – so in the photo who is leaving whom?

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