Broad thoughts from a home

Oh to be in Hydra

(a small island near Piraeus taken over in the Summer by artists and writers)

now that winter’s  here

(the ‘Howff – a graveyard in Dundee, the home of Jute, Jam,  and George Galloway)


while snowflakes fall on  grey tombstones

(an island boy – able was I ere I saw Elba – with his finger in his ear)

in Scotland now

( a small country made famous by George Galloway, Sean Connery, William Macgonagall and Alexander Salmon)

Jasc Ponte 4pic Canvas



Like a Kafka character who spent years and years pushing  at the door which didn’t budge an inch and only when he was old and grey and tired did he notice above the latch the four  letters in faded white that said  P U L L  –
comic or tragic depending on the picture you have of life


IN or OUT?



” Oh let us in!” they cried, ” please please let us in!” not realizing that in was where they were and that it was we who were locked out…


” Oh let us out!” we cried, ” please please let us out!” not realizing that out was where we were and that it was they who were locked in…

Likes and Dislikes

taysun 3a

I find sunset shots  extremely boring
and roads leading the viewer to a cul-de-sac  extremely annoying
and trees without leaves totally pointless
and cluttery stuff like the bridge (left, background)
and the trash can (right background)
totally artless
and lurid reds and pinks and oranges really offensive

which is why this is one of my favourite photographs


and this one I like because of  its quiet colours
the turquoisey waters of the Tay
the bluish hills of the kingdom of Fife
the orangey sunless evening sky….

pity about the scrubby twigs in the foreground though