Surface Attraction

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If in your home

you are faced with a flat surface

there is always a temptation

(“Anyone seen my carkeys/spectacles?”)

to put something casually on it

but more usually

more permanently

it is some object which you like

or which reminds you of something  somewhere

some place, some event that mattered

or somebody close to you,

long ago, still,

or something which

(you hope)

will interest/impress your friend(s).

This is my mantelpiece –

a Masai head, a Modigliani bust

and two avant-garde dogs.

What d’you think?

“Anyone seen my coil of picture wire?”


One response to “Surface Attraction

  1. Love the two sizes of photo print! Altogether a very nice mantel. I have no mantel but do have a nice surface on one of my china cabinets. The basic decor is very arresting, but then things like dead batteries and new Christmas cards get dumped there too, and the chaste line and irony are lost…. How do you maintain yours?

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