Independence Day

 embra witches 2

Down from the castle
down past St Giles
towering over the masses
ever mindful of their mission
led by their strutting Italian drummer
tatatarat tatatarat tatatarat  tatat
the 3 wild witches
rattling their rattles
Make way! Make way!
stride over the cobbles
down the Royal Mile
glide down to  the Palace
bringing  the great news
first to  brave  Edwin
the proud nation’s defender
then to his mother
then to all the good people
of Edwin’s fair city.

manatwindow q

African Nights

It was one of those Rousseau  nights 
( Henri Rousseau, the painter,
‘The Sleeping Gypsy’ guy)

LANZA (41)mm

still warm,
you could smell and hear and feel  the day’s heat
no wind,
full moon,
and silence

then suddenly calls,
sounds, cries,  noises:
a moon leopard coughing;
nightmare bats screaming  shrill warnings;
a humpback hyena’s crazy cackling;
and nearby
something creaking,
Kroac, Kroac, Kroac,
frog or toad

then suddenly
nothing again,

dark, deep,  creepy silence
and the whole world waiting,
stopped in its tracks,
poised in mid-stride,

listening and watching and waiting
for the banished sun
to rise and resume
and reassure

LANZA (41)


Surface Attraction

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If in your home

you are faced with a flat surface

there is always a temptation

(“Anyone seen my carkeys/spectacles?”)

to put something casually on it

but more usually

more permanently

it is some object which you like

or which reminds you of something  somewhere

some place, some event that mattered

or somebody close to you,

long ago, still,

or something which

(you hope)

will interest/impress your friend(s).

This is my mantelpiece –

a Masai head, a Modigliani bust

and two avant-garde dogs.

What d’you think?

“Anyone seen my coil of picture wire?”