Horse and Hare


Early one morning

I walked across a field 

and there was this horse

standing the way horses do

not depressed hungry bored curious tired anxious waiting

no, just standing there like horses do

when they have nothing better to do,


switched off.

As I stopped to take its photograph

it didn’t flinch an inch, didn’t move a foot,

just stood there

with the golden sun, rising on its left,

lighting up the brown, autumnal leaves,

whitening and brightening the pale, acrid smoke,

casting blue, elongated shadows

across the pale, yellowing grass.

Later on I saw this hare

couched in the grass

(no, I didn’t mean ‘crouched’,

though ‘crouched’ would have done  just as well)

huddled in the long green grass,

thinking either it was invisible

or I was blind

or both

so I was able to sneak up quite close.


The whirr of the shutter

and it was off like a shot.


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