2 Old Ladies (unfinished)

2 old ladies

watch a girl pass.

She is riding a bright yellow bicycle

that is perhaps too big for her

and wearing a skirt

that is perhaps shorter

than the 2 old ladies would like

not that they are nasty,

the old ladies,

just old and attached

to fashions that have faded,

things as they used to be,

the past when everything was different.

Brian is waiting

for his girlfriend, Joy

who was the girl with the short skirt

on on the bright yellow bicycle

He is on his second pint,

feeling irritated:

he has lost his mobile

and Joy is late.

Joy is late because

she has had a slight accident:

she has been knocked off her bike

by a van which did not stop;

she is shaken, not badly injured:

a bruised right arm,

a scraped knee,

a cut on the top of her head.

However the 2 old ladies

who saw what happened

called for an ambulance

which has taken her off to  Hospital.

She has tried phoning Brian

without success.

That is why she is late.

Of course Brian does not know this.

Later he will feel guilty

about feeling irritated

when all he should have felt was


When Daniel, the van driver,  gets home

he feels stiff from driving,

so far, so long.

He has driven non-stop from Coldstream

to his house outside Dunfermline.

He lives there on his own

but likes it that way.

Simpler that way.

He organises his life

to avoid problems,

unaware that problems are also solutions.

He is unaware of lots of things, Daniel,

unaware for example

that he had knocked Joy off her bicycle

when he took the left turn

onto the Saline road

but when he notices the scratches

and dents

on the left side of his van

to his credit

he  wonders  if he should contact the police.

He does not know of course

that one of the old ladies

had made a note of  his number.

Nor does Brian know

that his  lost phone lies exactly where he left it

half a street away

on the chair outside the really good restaurant

(whose name he could never remember)

where he had put it down

while chatting to the Bulgarian waitress

with a degree in Modern Languages

and whose English was so idiomatic

it sounded foreign



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