Naebdy hitches thae days. When I wir  a lad (that’s me ower der) I hitched a ower – Europe, America – an I met hunners o interestin fowk in the  process.

Later on, when I wiz in Africa, I met an American quine wha hid been drivin her VW caravanettee wi a freen fae Nairobi doon tae Cape Town an the van hid broken doon in the Congo so whit did she an her freen dae? They hitchhiked. In Africa. In the Congo. A the wye back tae Nairobi. Wi niver a bit o trouble.  Well no exactly – ther wis an encounter wi a rhinoceros an the freen got tick fever but apart fae that they hid the time o ther lives. Hoo’s that fir smeddum  (or recklessness)? Or jist bein young?

Nae doot some fowk saw it as a wye o life – get sumbdy else ti dae a the work an   pay a the siller and gie you a piggieback intae the bargin.

But na, it wisnae. It wiz a wye  o seein the world an the fowk in it that otherwise ye widnae hae hid access tae. Yid get a lift tae Terranova an on the wye yid tell the driver yir life story an he/she wid tell ye his/hers syne he/she wid drap ye aff an yid niver see yin anither  again.

Nooadays der’s sae much cheap travel fir young fowk that it’s daft or mean tae hitchhike. An if ye did,  ye wid run the risk o bein mugged, murdered or worse.

A different world nooadays. A different world.

Na it isnae!


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