For years nothing much had happened in our lives but  we were quite content  with our little lot. Then we found this strange plant in the garden with red berries and vivid green heart-shaped leaves. Let’s dry the leaves, Dorothy said.

In a week the leaves were so brittle that they turned to powder at a touch. Let’s put them in a pipe, Dorothy said.

I went out to the tobacconist and bought a meerschaum which the tobacconist said would ensure a cool smoke. You first, Dorothy said.

No after you, I said. Age before beauty.

Dorothy took a puff then passed the pipe to me. I took a puff. Nothing much happened.

The effect wont be immediate, Dorothy said. It takes time for it to get round all your whatdyamacallits and  reach the brain.

Then after a while she asked, Can you feel anything yet?

I began to panic. How do we know what effect it – whatever it is – will have on our brains?

That’s the beauty of it, Dorothy said with a smirk. We don’t.

Tomorrow we’re going to do something with the berries once we get back the use of our limbs.



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