The Scottish piper whose music either scrapes your nerves or stirs your blood.

The Ubiquitous sheep –
the monarch of  a Perthshire glen
waiting for a Landseer to pass by.

A cu (to give it its Scottish name) grazing.

and kye ( the plural of ‘cu’)  not grazing.

A hare in hiding on St Ninian’s Isle in Shetland where Douglas Coutts, a Lerwick school boy, discovered a larch box containing 28 Celtic brooches and a dolphin’s jawbone.

Two horses in Aberdeenshire which reminded me of Edwin Muir’s eponymous poem about horses helping to recreate a post-apocolyptic  world.

And on the domestic front, a neighbour’s cat I became very fond of – it got run over alas alas

Woof! Woof!

and a Blairgowrie dog that was supposed to be a guard dog but was really a welcome dog.

Finally  a  salmon I caught in Loch Fyne (thereby hangs a tale)  and cooked in Glasgow for Hank and Sonia.


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