The Other Woman in Red

Have you ever had a gin an tonic after a busy, successful day and realized just  how silly all your earlier doubts and anxieties had been?

Or have you ever felt you’re being watched and looked  up just as the creepy man on the other side of the room drops his eyes onto the page of the book he hasn’t been reading for the last couple of minutes or so?

Or have you ever been reading a book in a cafe and looked up for no apparent reason only to meet the intense gaze of  the woman in red, the striking gin and tonic drinker sitting very upright all by herself on the other side of the room?

Or have you ever been unwinding over a quiet drink after work on your way home at a restaurant you don’t normally frequent when you see your husband who is supposed to be in Madrid come in with a very attractive  woman on his arm? They are both laughing.

Or have you ever gone to your favourite bar after a distressing day and tried to figure out where and how it all went wrong and whose fault was it really?

Or have you ever been aware of a flash and looked up to see that the flasher is the very unattractive guy in the shiny suit at the next table who has just taken your photograph on his cheap little Samsung and is now pretending to be photographing the wall on your left?

Ignore them all, that’s the best way. In fact they’re not even worth ignoring.


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