The Intransigence of Things 2

Chapter 2

With a slight inclination of her head in his direction, perhaps indicating that he should follow her, perhaps questioning what he was doing there in the first place, she turned from the square of light she had made and paused in  the oblong through which she had made her entrance. Was she waiting for him? Should he have given her something? His password? She did not turn round, just stood still with her back towards him as though there was nothing more she could be expected to do. What were his instructions exactly? Had he been told something but had forgotten? Was he expected always to follow even when he knew it was safer not to? He watched her closely. It was hard to interpret meaning when meaning was so minimal.

They stood like that for a long long time then something changed, something in  the space between them became unbearably heavy making it difficult for him to breathe, difficult to see even and when whatever it was had cleared and lightened,  she had gone and the oblong too had disappeared. Another step not taken. Another escape. He moved cautiously towards the  lightshape she had made for him, not for the first time not quite sure that it wasn’t some sort of  trap like so many of the other unexplained creations that had been conjured up for him in the past.
He stared hard into the oblong, seeing himself staring at himself, seeing himself lifting his arms,  seeing himeself  lowering them, seeing himself staring. Nothing. Nothing but light and himself staring into it. Not disappointed, relieved rather, he turned away.

He picked up one of the square shapes. It was cold and hard unlike the place where he had slept which was warm and soft. He replaced the square shape and went to the place where he had slept and sat down. Yes, soft. He lay back and put his hands behind his head and stared into the white top side of the cube and began to think things out. How had he got here? He could remember the other place quite clearly. Dark, hot, full of strange sounds. And the smell. How long had he been there? It had been so dark it was difficult to tell….but such a sweet smell. Such a

The being was looking down at him, making signs with her hands and fingers that he could not begin to understand but obviously requiring some answering response. He raised his arms like he had seen her do when she had created the oblong of light and her response was to place herself in the space he had thus created, lying on top of him although because he was so much taller than she was, her head barely touched his chin and her little hoofs  rested on his knees. She was soft and warm and her hair gave off a sweet smell which he remembered from somewhere but couldn’t place. He brought his hands from behind his head and placed them on her back and they lay like that without moving. Such a sweet smell. Such a


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