The Intransigence of Things 1

Chapter 1

Let there be light

Hermat  Gersonn  must have been having funny dreams because the first thing he did when he woke up was burst out laughing but as he looked around the  laughter died away. He was in some sort of large cube  –  four sides ( one side brighter than the other three), a top and a bottom. The top side was white and empty; the bottom side had a whole heap of different coloured shapes growing up from it,  round things, square things, crescents, trapezoids….
Apart from all those there was nothing. He could feel one of his paragraphs coming on as they always did when he found himself transferred overnight with no plot  instructions. Nothing He waved his hands above his head and met with no resistance. Nothing . He kicked away the covering over his legs and waggled his feet free. Nothing.
On the side opposite the bright side a dark oblong appeared  and the being who passed through it made shoo-shooing gestures with her apron as if he could be so simply blown out of her way but try as he might to resist that is exactly what happened. The being crossed to the bright side, raised her hands and hey presto!
A  blindingly white oblong of light was created.


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