A relatively recent and totally welcome addition to the Forfar town centre is the 88 degrees  (thought to be the ideal temperature for a cup of coffee).
Which brings to mind the temperature issue raised in 1994 by one Stella Liebeck  against her local Albuquerque  McDonald restaurant……she had ordered a cup of coffee from the drive-through window (she was in the passenger seat of her grandson’s Ford Probe).
He parked the car so that she could add cream and sugar to her coffee. She placed the coffee between her knees and pulled the far side of the lid towards her to remove it and spilled the coffee into her lap, scalding her thighs and buttocks and groin.

When the case came to court,  the jury decided  in Mrs. Liebeck’s favour, finding McDonald’s 80% guilty.  Consequently in  she was awarded a very thick wad of dollars in compensation.

So the correct temperature of your cortado, cappuccino, americano,  machiatto, doppio, turkikos, latte, or whatever  is not simply a matter of taste. But it’s nice to know that cafes exist which are specialist enough to know about such matters.
And the 88 makes  its own chocolate.


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