I went for a week up to Stromnes, George MacKay Brown’s wee town and was quite taken over by it. The photograph above  is looking across the harbour to the Pier Arts Centre (between the red building and the white house) which opened in July 2007 after a 2 year, lottery-funded redevelopment. It sits on one of the many piers that characterize Stromness. The original  buildings and pier once housed the office and stores of the Hudson’s Bay Company.  It all looks good on a day like this

and just as good at night.

Then  back to Dundee. No real exercise for a fortnight. At the Sports Centre a woman with red stockings  and gold shoes caught everybody’s eye. I do 45 minutes on a variety of machines while a guy who was on the treadmill when I arrived is still there, still treading as if the world would stop turning if he did.

This is the rear view ( more attractive than the front view) of Dundee University’s  Dalhousie Building.  I quite like its bigness and redness.

A quick trip back to Orkney for the music festival. Flattie’s Bar, Stromness. A red bus and a blue flapper stop outside. Inside it’s packed to the rafters with fans and fiddlers and you talk to anybody and everybody (when it’s possible to hear and be heard). I nip over to Rackwick bay in Hoy  and talk to Jack Rendall who must be Hoy’s senior resident and his wife who runs the local museum. On the way back I ask the ferryman if he knows the Rendalls. He looks at Hoy receding in the distance and says, “A dinnae ken ony o thae hillbillies.”
Then it’s back to Dundee for work and some  sleep.

This is a view from Dundee’s landfill area across the Tay to the kingdom of Fife, a popular walk for dog owners as the red box might suggest. I have no dog  alas alas.

and a PINK rose in a glass which my love is like.

And finally a romantic goldish bluish PINKish sunset over windy Lanzarote as the world waits for the big round miracle of the moon to put in in its usual appearance  (but perhaps one of those nights……..)


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