Some days before the sun gets up

I write a you a poem
about this wonderful world and my place in it
about flowers and butterflies and birds
and you
about beautiful love-of-my-life you
with your come-hither-and-thither eyes
and your whiter-than-white teeth
and your brighter-than-bright smile
some days

I don’t.

Some days I go to the gym
and spend an hour
on the tedious treadmill,
the stationary cycle,
the rackety rowing machine,
the big blue exercise ball
and feel so much better for it
and some days
I don’t

and some days I do
and I don’t
and some days
I don’t
and I do.



before the alarm goes off
I think about you
bringing me breakfast in bed,
lightly scrambled eggs,
golden toast,
home-made golden marmalade,
pot of earl gray
no milk no sugar thanks
and I cup my hands behind my head
and stare up at the ceiling and smile

and some days

You do.


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