Have you heard the news today?

No news is good news.

About the couple who won all that money on the lottery?

Makes me feels jealous.

And the poor lass who took an overdose. Did you hear about that?

Where were her friends when she needed them?

You’re right. A friend in need….

So. What news were you talking about?

That NorwegianThe one who killed all those people.

Aye. That was terrible. See her down there?

The one with the wee skirt?

Aye,  her.

What about her?

She’s the one I was telling you about yesterday. Blind but you’d never know. Lovely lass. Lovely lass.

What’s her name again?

Morag. Morag Scully.

That’s right. Scully. Her mother was in the same class as me.

Well, see you tomorrow. see and no get yourself mugged!

That’ll be the day. Bye bye then. Love to Helen.

Bye bye.


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