Tae escape fae ma birthday

A took ma mind fir a bit o a daunder

(or it took me)

awa doon past Corra’s shell-white sanns,

doon tae whaur ilka simmer

da selkies sun dersels,

or slip intae da clear clear waater

tae twist an  glide,

an dere,

hauf-happit idda lang dank gerss,

wis dis desfrukit skeleton o a boat.


It brocht tae mind

first yin o Johnny Donne’s wee poems –

‘Tae His Coy Mistress’ :

‘ bit at ma back A ayways hear

Time’s tumtitumtum hurryin near’  –

dat wan,

syne Willie Dunbar’s chunnerin Lament:

‘Timor mortis conturbat me’

syne yin o MacCaig’s twa-fag poems 

aboot findin a desfrukit boat  like dis yin,




A sat doon on da boat an lit masel a fag.


Timor mortis conturbat me

– wis  dat whit they were aa sayin, aa thae poets?

Wis that the meanin o aa thae words?

That time teems us aa?

Abdy an aathin?

Du an me as weel as da bloody boat?

A dinnae think so.

I do not think so!


Onywye A lookt up MacCaig’s poem when A got hame

an it wisnae ataa da poem A hud in mind.

Da poem A hud in mind

wis dis yin.


An ‘Tae His Coy Mistress’  –

 it wisnae Johnny Donne ataa ,

nae a bit o it –

it wis Andy Marvell’s poem,

abdy kens dat.


One response to “DA BOAT

  1. Hi David,
    It’s Sergio. Fit like?
    I’m glad to see you’re blogging. Interesting stuff!
    So you didn’t find a ‘pie’ in Glasgow…next time ye might find an ‘ingin peh’

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