What do you look for when you travel?

Okay. I’m in Rose Street which seems to be all bars and eating places. And straight ahead is St. Andrew’s Square. Okay. Parallel to Princes Street. How did that bollard get bent like that? Looks like a sun-dial.

Fops? Funny name. A sort of dandy. I wouldn’t think this is exactly the best street for Fops. The guy in the white shirt for example- he doesn’t look very foppish to me. Okay okay.

So that’s Queen Street down to the left, next street down. Right. Queens Street then Dundas  Street. Okay.

No, it’s not a place I’m looking for. I’ve had my fill of Eiffel Towers, Big Bens, Statues of Liberty, Taj Mahals, Colliseums, castles, pyramids and all that touristy sort of stuff.

No, it’s a person I’m looking for. Or two persons if you really want to know. Alexander McCall Smith. And J.K.Rowling. This is their area or so I’m told.


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